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Need a whole system? Or just a simple website? No challenge is too big for us. We make websites already from € 299, -

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Electronics, Data & Technology


Take a look at the services we provide.

Websites / eCommerces

Custom made

Creating a website or webshop requires a lot of time. Content, performance, accessibility and search system optimization play a major role in this. At Pixelcoding, we arrange this for you.

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Native applications

Need Mobile App Android/IOS? Our apps are ready only if they are fast, user-friendly and accessible. Pixelcoding is modern and with our update service your app stays that too.

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Mobile Apps

Web Applications

Use everywhere

No more bothering installing programs and platforms that don't support it. For a flexible system, you are well set with us. Having a web application made is finally at your fingertips.

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Data that counts

It may not sound so interesting, but a good dashboard can play a big role within your company. For example, it can motivate your staff and can also lead to important insights.

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Interactive Dashboards

Why us?

This may sounds good, but why choose us exactly?

Low Prices

The pricing is important for everyone. Fortunately, at Pixelcoding this is not an issue.

Relatively speaking, we are cheaper than other companies offering the same services. By means of our flexibility and use of the latest technologies we save a lot of time and money. We supply Websites already from € 299, -. Have you found someone who is cheaper? Please let us know!

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Everything is possible, no challenge is too great for us.

Would you like to have an appointment on Sunday or even on a Friday evening? That's not a problem. We can adapt to every situation. Do you spontaneously have a good idea during the development process? We would gladly like to add this for you.

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Newest Technologies

Top performance, accessibility and search system optimization

Keeping up with the time it's important. Computers and smartphones are becoming more powerful every day. But on the other hand, the software (Websites, mobile Apps etc.) are getting more demanding. At Pixelcoding it is important to keep the software as light as possible (Performance). The Accessibility also plays a big role in this. We strive to ensure that the software is accessible to everyone... For disabled people for example, can screen readers be very useful. As a last check we also have Search Engine Optimization. Your special website and/or web app should of course be easy to find on the internet!

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Looking for a fun and educational internship? Look no further!
At pixelcoding we are always looking for new ambition.

We offer:

A personal workspace. Room for relaxation. A team ready to help at anytime.


  • Minimum MBO-4
  • Being open to new technologies
  • Know the basics of Linux
  • Always a good mood


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