SEO-friendly URLs gives your site an edge over your competitors in the Google ranking. In This guide you will learn to create great URLs that Google loves.


For the examples the domain names and are used for additional clarity. Replace these for your own domain name.


URL length

Use short URLs! According to Backlinko short URLs get a higher ranking on Google's first page.

 Short and long URL's

Keyword optimization

Add one or two keywords to your URL. This gives a small boost to your Google ranking. More than 2 keywords are not recommended since this makes zero difference in the ranking noted software developer Matt Cuts from Google.

 Keyword URL

URL readability

It is important that your URL is easy to read for people because a well-readable URL results in a better user experience and thus a higher ranking.

 Readable URL


Always use HTTPS When possible. Google indicates that HTTPS is a positive signal that increases the ranking.



Google considers sub domains URL’s as another website. A subfolder is always the best option. Use max one or two subfolders because more subfolders make it difficult for Google to determine the subject of the page. Make sure that the URL describes the page and avoid dynamic URLs


Top level domain (TLD)

A general TLD does little to nothing with the ranking but can increase the trust in your URL. . NL is the best TLD for a site focused on the Dutch market. .com is the most used internationally. There are also tlds aimed at a continent such as  .EU and even homemade TLDs by generally large companies.

On this map you will find the rural TLDs of Europe.

 Europa TLD's

All inhabited countries on the Worldmap Have a TLD, even the tiniest.


Webshop URLs

Optimize around one main keyword. This helps to give your category page a good position at Google’s pages. Avoid unnecessary or unclear categories and use one URL for as many products as possible.

 Webshop URL



Some characters should not be included in the URL. Here's an overview:

Safe to use characters:

A-Z $!  *  ?

Defined characters:

$ & + , / ;  ? : @

Avoid these characters:

Space ' ' ' ' < > #% diaereses


Final word

SEO is super important because what is a good working site if it cannot be found? The URL is an important part of this. Hopefully you now know how to create a SEO friendly URL and perhaps you'll soon see your site appearing at the top of the Google page!