Interactive Dashboards

Dashboards have more influence than you think. Read below why.

With data you can do a lot

Data plays an extremely important role in the business world.

Big Data. Does that mean anything to you? Probably not. Data collection happens frequently at companies. Unfortunately, the data is not Efficiently used. Data can give important insights. For example, you can see the busiest periods so that you can divide your staff accordingly or which staff members performs best. (big) data is very wide and we are there to arrange all the data so you can use it with ease.

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Voorbeeld van interactief dashboard van Pixelcoding.


On the web, simple and clarifying.

After analyzing the data, we make a clarifying dashboard where all the data is listed. Our dashboards are clear, uncluttered and only shows the data that is important.

Interactive Charts

Scalable, intelligent, clarifying

Line Graph

Donut Graph

Bar Graph

Some examples

Not yet clear? Perhaps this will give you a better picture.

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Motivate your staff members to perform better.

It is off course very important that your staff performs well. A dashboard lets you encourage your staff. For example, we can hang a screen in the canteen on which is visible which driver drives the most efficient. This insight ensures competition and makes other drive more efficient too.

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A clear analysis of the production this year.

Sometimes there are setbacks in production. With a good dashboard you can avoid this. For example, you can see how long ago there was a decline and you can predict future declines.

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Improve your service.

For example, you can use a dashboard to see how busy your staff currently is with calls in different departments. This allows you to empower a certain department that receives a lot of calls.


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